Daniel Thwaites

Daniel Thwaites plc are a family brewery from Northwest England with a varying estate of 200 tenanted pubs alongside 24 managed properties ranging from 5-star inns to 4-star hotels with conference and leisure facilities.



Daniel Thwaites started its food waste journey, in partnership with WRAP, in 2019 with a pilot of three sites, one from each division, to identify practicalities and assess potential savings. Invaluable data was gathered which pointed to a significant opportunity for both the managed estate and for tenanted customers.

One pilot site – the Crown Inn at Pooley Bridge – reduced food waste by 22% in just four weeks (199g to 155g per cover) potentially saving £5,000 a year. Nearly 5 years on, The Crown now averages just 53g per cover, an impressive 73% reduction!



Keep food waste high on the agenda so it is talked about at every opportunity and every level, from the board through to the feet on the ground and the leaders of the future through academies and training.


  1. Make reporting quick and easy.
  2. Establish measurement and reporting as a habit.
  3. Share results regularly to get buy-in.
  4. Secure and communicate support from management.


Since establishing baselines in 2019 Daniel Thwaites has seen total food waste reduce across its managed estate by over 49%, and, in the year 2022/23, saved more than £128,000 compared with initial waste projections.

Compliance in terms of reporting daily figures has risen from 42% of the estate in May 2022 to 95% in January 2024, with an average of 89% for the year 2023/24.


  • Saving of £128,333 in 2022/23.
  • Food waste reduced by 39 tonnes compared with 2021/22.
  • Food waste has reduced by 49% to 7.9% of food purchases, down from 15.5% in 2019.