Become a Guardian today

It’s your time to be a hero – join us in the fight against food waste by becoming a Guardian of Grub. We are the carers, protectors and defenders of food. Everyone from the sous chef to the CEO has a role to play in reducing food waste in our industry, to defend not only our profits, but to help our planet too.


Join the Partnership Scheme

Our partnership scheme gives UK businesses official recognition for helping to tackle climate change by reducing wasted food. As a member of the scheme, you’ll be awarded an official Guardians of Grub badge which you can display throughout your business – from email signatures and social posts to posters and menus – to show customers and staff alike that you’re doing your bit.

With 6/10 people saying they want businesses to act now on the climate crisis, it’s time to take a stand.

There are three levels of achievement:

1. Guardian
If you’ve completed the Cost Saving Skills Course, this badge belongs to you. And at just fifteen minutes to complete it could be yours in next to no time.

2. Ambassador
Our highest honour, Ambassador status is awarded to people and organisations who are helping to spread the word about reducing wasted food far and wide. So whether you’re banging the drum within your own organisation or shining a light beyond – Ambassador status is yours for the taking.

3. Supporting Partner
Are you an organisation wanting to share your passion, achievements, and food saving tips with your networks? Then sign up today as a Supporting Partner to encourage the sector to take action and feed people not bins.

And if that wasn’t enough, once you’ve got your badge, you and your company will also have the opportunity to be featured on our Wall of Fame to celebrate the positive impact you’re making. Don’t forget to also share your food waste journey with friends, co-workers, customers and even competitors so we can be united in the fight against food waste.

Scroll down to see what you have to do to get your hands on our partner badges.


How to get your Guardian badge

Complete the Cost Saving Skills Course
to get started in just 15 minutes

Take the pledge to become a Guardian and be a driving
force behind reducing food waste (scroll down to action)

Click the squares below to see the other badges

How to get your Ambassador badge

If you’re an industry body or business with expertise and insight on wasted food and are
committed to raising awareness of sustainability in the sector, this one’s for you:

Spread the word about the Guardians of Grub tools and resources to your network

Encourage innovation in the sector through referring people to the Cost Saving Skills Course so
they too can join the fight against wasted food

Showcase your own insights and top tips for reducing food waste with the sector to
galvanise them into taking action

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador email us at

How to get your Supporting Partner badge

If you’re an organisation that is dedicated to raising awareness of sustainability issues and how to take action:

Keep sharing Guardians of Grub tools, tips, resources and news via social media and #GuardiansofGrub

Encourage your networks to produce case studies of their food waste reduction activities.

Make sure you are publicising Food Waste Action Week every March.

Receive your Supporting Partner badge, by


It’s easy to get started.

If you’ve recently completed the above steps, your badge and details on how to use it will be winging its way to you shortly. If you haven’t received your badge but think you’re a worthy recipient, drop us a line at