Calling all Guardians of Grub! Here you will find all the information and tools you need to rise up and take action against wasted food. Track, measure and save with our Operational Resources.


    This Quickstart Guide includes simple steps and resources that will help you reduce the amount of food thrown away by engaging staff and customers.


    A great addition to a food business’s noticeboard, the poster can be a reminder to staff of the importance the business places on food thrown away, and shows them how they can help.

  • Bin Labels

    Download the labels to add to your four food waste buckets.


    Helps food businesses to easily monitor and measure food thrown away over a 7 day period.


    Automatically calculates what the food thrown away is costing you and shows what savings your business could make.


    Will get you up and running with using the food tracking calculator.


    A handy way of ticking off your progress on the necessary actions to prevent food from being thrown away.

  • Food Waste Reduction Action Plan

    Find inspiration and tips on how to reduce wasted food in 6 Ways to Save Food and Case Studies. Speak to your team to generate ideas and record the actions in this Food Waste Reduction Action Plan.

  • Menu Planning Slides

    Smart menu planning can help increase efficiency and reduce wasted food. The Menu Planning Slides will guide you through how to get the most our of your recipes whilst helping to protect your profits.


    Any questions? Check out the FAQs document.

  • Food Waste Action Week Partner Pack

    This pack is all you need to find out how you can get involved with Food Waste Action Week from March 1st to 7th 2021. Discover the freely available assets for those of you ready to be part of the Guardians of Grub collective and join us in the rise up against food waste.

  • How to get involved – Influencer

    Are you an influencer with an interest in the Hospitality and Food Services sector?  If you can reach out to your networks at this time, download this plan and see what you can do in the lead up to and during Food Waste Action Week to help spread the word about Guardians of Grub.

  • How to get involved – Operator

    Are you a business owner or employed in the sector? Take a look at how you can get involved in the rise up against wasted food in the lead up to and during Food Waste Action Week.

  • Long and short copy

    Use this copy in emails, newsletters or on intranets to let your clients and staff know about your support for the Guardians of Grub campaign.

  • Badge of Honour

    As Guardians, we are proud to be the protectors and preservers of food. This badge of honour enables partners to pledge their allegiance to the campaign.

  • Rallying Cry Social Films

    Want to let your community know about the campaign and your involvement? Here are some social films and post copy you can use for customer and industry facing channels.


    Here is a collection of banners that you can place across your website in a range of sizes and designs.


    Let everyone know that you are a Guardian of Grub by using the campaign email signature.


    Place the posters where your staff will see them to remind them of what it means to be a Guardian of Grub, for example in kitchens, staff rooms and changing rooms.

  • Posters – Editable Files

    Here are the editable design files for the Hero and Portrait poster images.


    The campaign video tells the story of the Guardians of Grub, who we are and what our mission is – to fight for food. Great for sharing on social and in presentations.


Hungry for more?

Knowledge is power! Guardian of Grub’s new e-learning course ‘Becoming a Champion’ has been developed by industry professionals and will take your food waste reduction skills to the next level. This is a great opportunity to upskill and make a positive difference to you, your profits and the planet. Sign up now to secure your place.