Plate Waste – Full Webinar

Understanding consumer behaviour to enhance customer satisfaction & improve margins.

00:00 Welcoming address from Richard Swannell, International Director, WRAP

06:23 Keynote address – Rory Sutherland, Vice Chair, Ogilvy UK

15:00 Plate waste insights – Marc Zornes, CEO, Winnow and Professor Ganga Shreedhar, London School of Economics

30:20 Approaches to plate waste reduction – Eleanor Morris, Special Advisor, WRAP

38:42 Panel discussion with the Sustainable Restaurant Association, The Restaurant Group, Frederic Robinson’s, ISS and Unilever Food Solutions

The climate crisis has never been more apparent, and your business can be futureproofed by taking action. Engaging your staff, investors and customers is a key part of the journey to net zero, but how do you know which strategies matter to your business? Wasting food feeds climate change and it impacts on your bottom line, but there’s one largely untapped area: tackling the challenge of plate waste from your customers. Designed for marketing and communications, sustainability and operator professionals, this webinar will help you to improve your consumer and customer experience by equipping you with the right strategies to reduce plate waste. Our experts will give you their insights on the simple solutions that can bring real benefits to your business. If you want to show how you are taking on your role in protecting the planet, we can show you how. During the interactive webinar we’ll show you:

– Simple communications messaging that will help you, your staff and customers to reduce plate waste

– Real-life examples of organisations like yours and the savings they’ve made; and

– An expert panel will discuss the opportunities that are unlocked when we feed people not bins.